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Home - Sinterite, a Gasbarre Furnace Group Company, specializes in custom-engineered continuous belt furnaces and pusher furnaces

for engineered materials requiring thermal processes under a variety of atmospheres. Whether you are replacing a sintering furnace or scaling up production of a batch process, put Sinterite’s engineering expertise to work for you.


About - Headquartered in St. Marys, Pennsylvania, Sinterite designs and manufactures custom continuous and batch furnaces for a variety

of heat treating processes and applications. Since 1978, we have been providing quality integrated manufacturing solutions. We specialize in sintering furnaces, as well as continuous belt conveyor furnaces and high temperature pusher furnaces.


Metallurgical Processes - Sinterite's line of custom industrial furnaces and heat treating equipment satisfies a variety of metallurgical

processes, including:


Sintering | Sintering Furnaces

Brazing | Brazing Furnaces



Steam Treating


Sinter-Hardening | HyperCooler


Products - Sinterite is a custom designer and manufacturer of continuous and batch furnaces for sintering, brazing, annealing, tempering,

steam treating, and drying. We serve a wide range of industries with a focus on automotive, industrial, consumer products, tooling and transportation. Our comprehensive product range includes:


Sintering Furnaces

Brazing Furnaces

Continuous Mesh Belt Conveyor Furnaces

Pusher Furnaces

Steam Treat Furnaces

HyperCooler - Sinter-Hardening System, Rapid Cooling System

Custom Fabrications



OEM Parts & Services - Sinterite offers a full line of OEM parts and services to keep your operation up and running while maximizing

the lifespan of your heat treating equipment. We supply our customers with quality furnace replacement parts that are designed, manufactured and guaranteed for your brazing and sintering furnace. Our technicians and staff are experienced in the installation and operation of thermal heat treating equipment and industrial furnaces. We offer furnace profiling, furnace calibration services, preventative maintenance programs, furnace repairs / retrofits / rebuilds, startup supervision, equipment installation and evaluations, and operator / maintenance training.


Resources - Sinterite recognizes the importance of educating its customers. We do that by providing opportunities to learn about

the latest in technical content, industry trends and upcoming events, all relevant to your industrial furnace and heat treating equipment.


Contact - Sinterite looks forward to answering your heat treat equipment and industrial furnace inquiries. We provide solutions to challenging

heat treat operations.


Directions - Sinterite is located at 310 State Street, St. Marys, PA 15857.



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